Quick Tip- Find More Time To Practice

 “How do I find time to practice?”I hear this question all the time.  All of us are busy with things like work, school, family etc so how do you fit guitar practice in to your hectic schedule?

At night, I like to watch a little TV and wind down from the day, probably a lot like
you do.By law, the FCC mandates that the TV station has 42 minutes of “show”
every hour. That means they can have up to 18 minutes of commercials.So every time the commercial comes on, I hit the “mute” button on the remote, grab my guitar, and run some licks or some chords, or whatever I'm working on at the moment.

Even if I do NOTHING else on my guitar in the day, at least I'm getting on there for 18 minutes.

And to be honest, it always ends up being more because I get into what I'm doing and don't notice that the show has come back on at least once.So if you find you're having trouble getting some practice in, give my *tv practice* a try and see if it doesn't get you some time you forgot you had.


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