Real World Soloing- NEW Course From Steve Stine

Steve Stine is at it again with another fantastic guitar course.

Real World Soloing is a practical look at guitar soloing and how you can apply the concepts and techniques that you learn in a real world situation.

Dan Denley and the GuitarZoom team have released the first of 3 preview videos from the course.

In the first video, Steve Stine discusses how to get out of the rut of just playing box shapes within the pentatonics and start seeing the pentatonic scale in a more linear fashion.  Doing this opens up a whole new world to your guitar soloing and brings new creativity to your playing.


Watch the video







To help kick off the upcoming release of Real World Soloing, GuitarZoom has a cool contest where they are giving away a hot electric guitar, hand-picked by Steve Stine. Here's how to enter the contest… 

1) Watch all 3 videos from Steve’s “Real World Soloing” course- watch the first one here- Real World Soloing Video 1
2) Post a comment about about EACH video and tell one thing that you learned from it. 

One lucky person will be chosen at random who watched all three videos and commented on each one, and ship them a FREE electric guitar. 🙂

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