Real World Soloing Now Available Plus 2 More Preview Videos

The highly anticipated new course from Steve Stine- Real World Soloing is now available!

This course will completely change the way you look at soloing.  Every other course, book, DVD etc approaches the concept of lead guitar from a textbook sort of approach.  How far does that actually get you in a real life jam situation?

In Real World Soloing, Steve Stine teaches you what you REALLY need to know to be a proficient lead guitar player and how to approach lead guitar for different types of music.

For example, you wouldn't solo over a pop song the same way you would over a heavy metal tune.  Steve takes you through several different genres of music and gives you the tools, the REAL WORLD tools, to jam and improvise like a pro.

Interested in seeing some of the course?  There are a total of 4 FREE preview videos PLUS a really cool 80 minute recorded phone conversation between Steve Stine and GuitarZoom owner Dan Denley.  They talk about all sorts of different things related to the guitar including details about Real World Soloing.

Here are the links to the 4 free videos-

Video 1- Linear Soloing

Video 2- How to play and practice scales

Video 3- Shortcut to memorizing the notes on the fretboard

Video 4- The 5 pillars of guitar soloing


If that isnt exciting enough, GuitarZoom is giving away an ESP guitar

How To Enter The Contest 
1) Watch all FOUR videos from Steve Stine’s Real World Soloing course 
2) Post a comment about about EACH video and tell one thing that you learned from it!

Be sure to check out the preview videos and click the link below for more details on Real World Soloing

Real World Soloing Details