Chicks Who Rock Their Fuzz


The world of guitar playing is and has been a boys club.  A very small fraction of guitar players are female.  I guess that’s why God created groupies.

Guitar players love tinkering with new gear.  Stomp boxes are like crack.  Usually south of a $100 bill, they are a quick and easy way to get that fix for a different tone.  We all want an opinion and a review before we plunk down our hard earned cash though.  We turn to Youtube and are faced with a sausage fest of male driven reviews of gear.  Check out The Tone King and Gearmandude for some of the best ones.

Well guys, it's about time a girl got into the mix. And rather than hide her feminine side in some kind of lame effort to play the boys' game, she's doing just the opposite— being as feminine and as sexy as she wants to be. In walks Fuzz Box Girl.

Specializing in fuzz effects, she has covered some of the classic fuzz tones such as


  • Boss DF-2
  • Analog Man Sunface
  • Fulltone ‘69
  • Univox Super fuzz

If you’re tired of the same old dude giving gear reviews check out Fuzz Box Girl for solid reviews on fuzz pedals with a little sex appeal.

Fuzz Box Girl on Youtube