Shortcut the Guitar Learning Process

Most people think you need natural talent to be successful at play the guitar.  Guess what?  That view is OVERRATED

It is much more powerful to have KNOWLEDGE

Even guitarists we think of as amazingly “gifted” turn out to be hard-working craftsmen who applied knowledge and practiced diligently.

Let's take Jimi Hendrix.  He got his first acoustic guitar for $5 at the age of 15, collected tips from experienced players, and practiced like crazy.

There's no getting around that you gotta learn this instrument from the ground up, so to speak.

And the best way I know to shortcut the learning process is to
learn music theory.

You don't need to learn every last thing about music theory —only the essentials that you'll really use.

When you learn just a few of the fundamentals of music theory, the fretboard opens up to you like one of those enchanting musical boxes where beautiful music just comes pouring out, seemingly by magic.

That is why everyone's favorite guitar teacher, Marty Schwartz has created a course called Music Theory Survival Guide,

Seriously, forget everything you may have heard about music theory. This is way cooler, easier and more fun — than you think.



If you are:

a) A beginner who wants to make faster progress than normal because you'd rather not remain a beginner very long;

Or …

b) An intermediate or longtime player who has been pretty much stuck at the same level, perhaps hitting plateau after plateau, never really getting much better (and maybe even sliding backwards a bit) …

…then Marty's Music Theory Survival Guide is what you need


Most music theory courses are extremely boring, complicated and not guitar oriented.  Marty has created a music theory course that is the most practical, useable, hands-on and just plain FUN course that will serve as maybe the most important stepping stone to your guitar journey.

He has cut out all the non-essential theory and only handed you the stuff you REALLY need to know.

Check out this video to learn more about how Music Theory Survival Guide will finally get you over the hump