Sick Bending Technique In 2 Hours

String Bending Like a Pro In 2 Hours

Sound too good to be true?  Not with Steve Stine's new course- Ultimate Guide To String Bending

In Ultimate Guide To String Bending, you will learn how to truly master the art of string bending in this exciting new course from Steve Stine.


String bending doesn't only sound awesome, it's a MUST if you're serious about taking your solo's to the next level. Why?

Because nothing destroys a solo more than an off-pitch bend.

Good news is, Steve designed the ‘Ultimate Guide To String Bending' to specifically help you overcome this barrier that turns away most beginner guitarists from becoming ‘serious' players.

They tend to get overwhelmed by the difficulty.

With this course, Steve has broken everything down to a simple, step-by-step system that will get you bending like a pro in just a couple of hours.

You'll learn some all the essentials plus some awesome bending techniques inspired by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Chuck Berry.

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If you want to play and create powerful, emotional lead guitar lines and solos then having a complete mastery of string bending is a must

In the Ultimate Guide To String Bending, Steve will give you the tools to develop confidence in your lead guitar playing and create those powerful and expressive bends.

Be sure to check out the preview videos for this awesome new course!

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