Slow Down YouTube Videos So You Can Play Along

It's important to learn a song or a riff or a solo at a tempo we are comfortable with and slowly bring the tempo up until it is at 100%  This is easy to do as there are a lot of products out there that either include slowed down play along's or various programs that allow you to lower the tempo of an mp3.  But what about YouTube videos?

A lot of guitar players find a video of a song they want to learn but maybe it is too fast for them to see what the guitar player is doing in the video or get a good sense of the timing and phrasing.

I came across this video from Doug Marks of Metal Method where he demonstrates with one of Michael Angelo Batio's instructional DVDs on how to use a free media player- VLC (which is awesome) to slow down YouTube videos so you can play along and slowly increase the tempo.  It's pretty cool and will make playing along to those George Lynch or Eddie Van Halen solos much easier

Check it out-