Solo Fire- 96 Rock Licks Part 2

Steve Stine and the folks at Guitar Zoom have put together a follow up course to the HUGELY successful 96 Rock Licks that came out a couple of months ago.  If you bought 96 Rock Licks, you know what a great course that was for learning killer rock licks.  The main focus of that course was to teach you almost 100 rockin guitar licks.

In Steve's new course, Solo Fire, he takes a deeper dive in how to use those licks to create your own hard rock and metal solos.  96 Rock Licks was the “WHAT”.  Solo Fire is the “HOW”

I thought 96 Rock Licks was one of the best courses I have seen come out this year.  Solo Fire will wrap up some of those loose ends and answer the questions of how to connect those licks and manipulate them to create lead lines.  Its going to be HUGE!

Steve is offering a FREE 5-Part Guitar Soloing Course as part of a preview for the May 29th release date of Solo Fire.

And it rocks! If you want to learn to play guitar solos, then this is a

must-see. And the best part is you can be watching the first video in

just seconds from now:

[FREE 5-Part Guitar Soloing Course]








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