SoloFire Course Details


the new course and follow up to the acclaimed 96 Rock Licks from guitar instructor Steve Stine, Solofire is all set to be released tomorrow, Thurs, May 31 at 9:00AM Eastern.

Solofire <== Official Web Site

I have been getting updates on the new guitar soloing course from Dan Denley and his team at GuitarZoom.  They will be offering 3 fast action bonuses for the first few that order SoloFire.

The first DVD is called, “10 Biggest Mistakes Most Guitarists Make, And How You
Can Avoid Them All.”

The other two are a free Jam Track CD and the “Blues Guitar Pocket Bible” that gives you the complete, blues scale in all 5 positions, and 21 must-know blues chords.

Dan passed along some answers to common questions he has been getting about the SoloFire course.

Is Solofire a course for beginners?

This is not a beginner course. So, if by “beginner” you mean you just got your guitar last week, then is definitely NOT for you. check out some of the great GuitarZoom products such as KidsRock or RipFire if you are just starting out.

It's really for intermediate players. Guys who've been playing a while. Who can
already play some songs, riffs, licks. But who are stuck. It's for folks who
want to dig in and master the skills to really play lead-guitar at a high level.

Don't misunderstand. This is NOT an “advanced” soloing course. With a
bunch of ridiculously hard sweep-picking and arpeggios, etc.

All the training uses the pentatonic minor scale (with a few variations).

It's all broken down for you in bite-size chunks. And you get a complete tab
transcription for everything in the videos so you can easily follow along.

Here's my best advice – go with your gut. If you're gut is saying, “Yes, this will help
you!” Then it's probably right. If on the other hand, after watching the preview
videos, you're totally lost, then you might want to bone-up your chops first.
If you put forth an honest effort, you will experience a freedom and a pure enjoyment in your playing that you've never had before.
That's a fact.

Next question…

“Will this work for me?”

If you apply what you're going learn, practice, and follow the step-by-step
instruction that Steve has laid out for you then,”YES!”

“What if I've never played a guitar solo?”

That's Ok. Steve will take you by the hand to learn the entire process. But
you want to make sure you have a good understanding of rhythm guitar,
before you dive into this.

“What if I don't know scales?”

That's OK too. You'll learn them as you go along.

“What if I don't know theory?”

Again, that's Ok. You won't get bogged down in a bunch of theory mambo-jumbo.

“Can you ship the DVDs to…”

Yes. We ship to over 100 countries world-wide.

“Will the DVDs play in my country?”

Yes. They're region-free. They play anywhere.

“Can I watch the DVDs on my computer?”

Yes, if you have a DVD drive.

“What if I only play acoustic?”

Then you probably want to give this a pass. You can apply the soloing techniques
to acoustic, of course. But they're most applicable for electric guitar.

“What styles does this course cover?”

Blues-rock. (What else is there?) 🙂

“What's the price!?”

Price hasnt been released yet but I should have more info from Dan on that later today or tomorrow on release day.

“Will there be a payment plan?”

YES. Break into 3 equal installments.

“Do you accept PayPal?”


“Do you take checks and money orders?”

No. Sorry.

Dan is putting together a video that gives you all the details about this new
course which should be out today or early tomorrow.  I am also working on getting a detailed listing of everything that is on each DVD.

Solofire <== Go here 9:00AM Eastern, Thurs, May 31