SoloFire Lesson 4- Intervalic Movement

Another great sneak peak lesson from Steve Stine's upcoming course Solofire just came out.  This one is about intervalic movement.  What the heck is intervalic movement you ask?  Steve explains in the video a technique on how to improvise and write your own solos using notes from the scale out of order and up and down the neck.  Too many players get stuck going up and down a box shape and playing the notes of a scale, pentatonic for example, in order.  In this lesson of SoloFire, Steve Stine discusses how to combine a melodic phrase and create movement and unanticipated noted choices to really give your solos some interest.  There is free downloadable tab with the lesson as well.

Steve Stine's 6-DVD Solofire course will be available at 9:00AM Eastern,
Thurs, May 31.

And there will be an introductory discount and killer fast-action bonus DVD called, “10 Biggest Mistakes Most Guitarists Make, And How You Can Avoid
Them All.”

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