SoloFire Preview 3

The latest preview video of Steve Stine's new course, SoloFire is out.  And like with the previous 2, has free downloadable tab with it.

As a serious guitarist, one crucial skill you want to develop is the
ability to deaden stings you don't want to hear.

In this video from Solofire (coming Thurs, May 31), Steve Stine shows
you how…






I also got more info on the course itself.

There is a fast-action bonus for the first few people who order a copy
of SoloFire. It's a DVD called, “10 Mistakes Most Guitarists Make And
How You Can Avoid Them All.” So, if you're thinking this might be a good fit
for you, then you'll want to get in as early as possible.

The question people always ask with any guitar course is, “Will this work for me?”
From what I know about this course and if it is anything like the other GuitarZoom products including 96 Rock Licks (the prequel to SoloFire) the answer is, “Yes, but…
you're going to have to make an honest effort and apply what you learn.” Sorry, but there is no magic pill to being awesome at guitar soloing.  Claims like “Play like Hendrix in 15 minutes.” or “Master the guitar in 7 days.” are all bullshit.

You have to be dedicated and really have the desire to be good.  Things that are challenging in life are worth doing.  You need to pick up the guitar and work hard at it.

If you can do that, then I don't see any reason why this course wouldn't help
you master the art of guitar soloing on a level most guitarists will never reach.

But… this course if definitely NOT for everybody. Just like the predecessor to SoloFire, 96 Rock Licks, this course is not for absolute beginners.
It's more for intermediate players who already have some chops, but want to
go the next level with their solo skills, and really learn how to play spine-tingling
solos from scratch.

It's about learning how to play guitar solos from the ground-up, the right way.

How to keep your solo from sounding like a scale. How to use all the “tricks of the
trade” like bends, double stops, melodic runs, grace-notes, sliding, hammer-ons,
pull-offs, trills, repeating licks, string-scraping, and proper phrasing.

There's even an entire section of the course dedicated just to bends:

– Half, whole and one-and-a-half bends
– Blues bends, ghost bends, vocal bends
– Repetitive and unison bends

Other topics include-

– The secret to gliding across the strings effortlessly
– How instantly alter the sound of a lick just by changing your attack
– tricks to eliminate unwanted noise and feedback
– How to stop sore fingers and dead notes
– string-skipping techniques
– A simple way use solo licks while playing rhythm guitar
– How to solo with using one string
– And how to bring it all together to form a complete, musical solo

Be sure to check out the preview videos of the SoloFire course and download the free tab as well-

SoloFire Preview Videos