SoloFire Preview 5- Bending Techniques

Steve Stine and the GuitarZoom team have just released another great preview video of the follow up course to 96 Rock LicksSoloFire.

In this video, Steve Stine discusses different types of bends such as whole step, half step, pre bends, unison etc.  He also demonstrates some new places to bend that will really make your soloing stand out.  Bending is a technique that even the pros still work on.  I read an interview with Eric Clapton where the interviewer asked Eric if he still practices.  The short of his answer was no except for bending.

Steve also gives some really good advice on how to make your bends sound powerful and expressive.

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Be sure to check out my post that gives a detailed description of what is on each DVD and whether this course is for you.

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