SoloFire Review


A few months ago, released the follow up course to the hugely popular 96 Rock Licks course called SoloFire.  SoloFire picks up where 96 Rock Licks left off by taking all those great licks you learned in that course and acclaimed instructor Steve Stine teaches you through 6 DVDs of instruction how to create solos from licks.  You dont have to own 96 Rock Licks to work through SoloFire but the combination of the 2 will give you everything you need to be able to finally unlock the secrets to improvising your own solos.

I've been working through SoloFire and finally got a chance to sit down and write a review.  In short, I love this course!  Steve Stine is an excellent instructor and presents everything with a common sense and practical approach.  There are so many other products out there that teach you a scale and then tell you to just play around with it.  The result of that is always the same- you get nowhere.  Steve discusses the scale but takes it a step further by integrating licks, teaches different soloing techniques, teaches you phrasing concepts, shows you how to move from position to position etc.  There is even a section of the DVD where you get to trade licks with Steve over a backing track!

Below, I have detailed out what you are going to find in each DVD of the course-


What is Solofire?
Solofire is a 6-DVD, home-study course for the guitarist who wants to learn to play lead from the ground up, the right way. The training has two primary goals:

  1. To give you the ability to play virtually any solo you want by your favorite guitarists
  2. And to give you the skills to improvise guitar solos from scratch

About the guitar instructor

Steve Stine, has taught thousands of guitarists over the last 20 years. He’s currently “Professor of Modern Guitar Studies” at North Dakota State University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from Morehead State University. So, he knows how to teach.

He toured the U.S. and England, playing lead-guitar in dozens of bands. He’s also been a studio guitarist for radio, TV and various recording projects.

Bottom line: not only can Mr. Stine play, he can also teach. (A rare combination).

Who it for?
Let’s start with who it’s not for. It's definitely not for absolute beginners. So, if you just got your guitar, then this is not for you. It’s also probably not for “beginners” either. Meaning, if you’ve never played a guitar solo and you don’t know any scales or lead-licks, this is probably isn’t for you either. It’s also not for acoustic-only players because the majority of the training is for electric guitar.

Here’s who it is for: the intermediate player who’s already got some chops. Someone who can already play say, the pentatonic scale in first position, or a few licks. The solid rhythm player, who wants to learn lead, from the ground up. For the person who knows there’s a lot more to guitar soloing than just learning some licks. And guitarists who can already solo a little but who get stuck easily, run out of ideas, and don’t really understand how to improvise a great solo from scratch.

Guitar styles taught

The training focuses on lead guitar in blues and rock style. Most of the techniques are for electric guitar. And many concepts could be adapted to acoustic as well. All the training is based on A minor pentatonic. Which makes everything super easy to follow. But, of course, you’ll learn all about transposition and how to play in any key, over any song as well.

DVD 1 is the foundation of everything you’ll learn in Solofire, including how to go deep into the mind of a lead guitarist and how to “think” about the soloing process:

  • The fundamentals of creating solos out of thin air
  • Improvisation techniques
  • How to visualize the fretboard
  • Why metronome practice is crucial to accurate timing
  • Essential palm muting techniques
  • How to deaden strings you don’t want to hear
  • Lead mathematics: everything you need to know about quarter, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes
  • Down-picking vs. alternate-picking and how and when to use them
  • Right and wrong wrist position
  • How practice effectively, so you can make more progress in less time

DVD 2 highlights

  • You’ll learn the A minor pentatonic minor scale in all five positions, across the entire fretboard
  • Discover how each scale pattern is connected so you’ll never get stuck in one place
  • Why it’s critical to target the root note in your solo
  • How to move licks across the fretboard
  • Thel importance of pentatonic position #2 in rock-and-roll history
  • Practical ways to use music theory
  • How to “thread” your ideas together to make a complete solo
  • Speed vs. feeling, and the real purpose of each
  • The MML process (melody, motion and licks) that makes creating leads from scratch easy


DVD 3 highlights
DVD 3 focuses on melodic technique:

  • How a simple lick can be the starting point for a great solo
  • Why the two most critical techniques for lead are bends and vibrato, and how to use them both
  • You’ll the different types of bends and when to use them all, including:
    • Half, whole and one-and-a-half bends
    • Blues bends, ghost bends, vocal bends
    • As well as repetitive and unison bends
  • How to glide across the strings
  • How instantly alter the sound of lick by changing your attack
  • How to eliminate unwanted noise and feedback
  • How to stop sore fingers and dead notes


Solo skills taught:

  • Hammer-ons
  • Pull-offs
  • Trills
  • Repeating licks
  • Sting-scraping
  • Double stops
  • Tapping
  • The 2 types of string-slides
  • As well as how to begin and end your solo with proper phrasing…


DVD 4 highlights
Learn how the masters of rock guitar like Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Slash and Angus Young pieced together some of the most incredible solos ever written using tapping tricks most guitarists will never know:

  • How to tap anywhere in the minor pentatonic scale using your fingers or a pick
  • How to tap and slide at the same time
  • String-skipping
  • One-string soloing


DVD 5 highlights

  • Two-string movement
  • Combining different scales
  • Interval-jumping
  • Advanced palm-muting
  • How to listen to a jam track, analyze and prepare your solo
  • How to make sure your solo fits the music
  • When to “follow the chords”
  • 12-bar blues jam with Steve Stine
  • When you should forget all the “rules” and just feel your solo from the heart


DVD 6 highlights

Combines all the training to help you form complete, musical solos from scratch.


  1. Solofire Jams CD
  2. Solofire Guitar Tab Book (downloadable pdf)
  3. Progress Tracker


What it costs

The introductory cost is only $89.90. And there's a three-pay option if you want to spread out the payments over three months. (Though it is most costly to do so).

Try it risk-free for 90 days
Solofire comes with a bold guarantee. Learn to play lead guitar in 90 days or less, or get your money back plus $10 towards your next purchase. What more is there to say?

Bottom line
If you’re serious about mastering the art of guitar soloing and you want to develop skills to play virtually any solo, and improvise leads on demand, then this is probably one of the best investments you can make. Highly recommended.

Here’s where to get your copy