SRV Pride and Joy Lick Lesson Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a lesson from Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed who did a great lesson on the intro lick from Stevie Ray Vaughn's Pride and Joy (one of my favorite SRV tunes)

In case you missed it, here is the link

Pride and Joy lesson Part 1

Well, Griff decided to do a follow up lesson

Now if you've done lesson 10 of the Blues Guitar Unleashed course, you've been exposed to this already.

(and if you haven't, the full scoop is here:
Click Here To Learn More About Blues Guitar Unleashed)

It's one of the trickier lessons for most students, so hopefully seeing it again will help it sink in.

If you love that Texas shuffle that SRV did so well, then check out Griff's lesson to learn how to master that




And here is the tab for the video lesson

Pride and Joy Lesson Part 2 Tab


Be sure to check out Blues Guitar Unleashed if you are looking for a fantastic Blues guitar course that will give you a solid foundation on playing Blues Guitar.

And if you find this a bit beyond your reach right now or maybe  you are a brand new guitar player just looking at getting in to blues guitar playing then check out Griff's Beginning Blues Guitar Course.  Its a fantastic introduction to the Blues and will get you ready for Blues Guitar Unleashed