Steve Stine FireStorm Guitar FREE Video #3

Steve Stine just released the 3rd video in his preview set for his new FireStorm Guitar course coming out Tuesday November 12th.

In this video Steve discusses 2 essential strumming techniques that all rhythm guitar players need to master.

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FireStorm Guitar is the definitive guitar course in teaching the fundamental techniques you need to play rhythm guitar.

A lucky group of guitar players were able to review advanced copies of FireStorm Guitar.  Here is what they had to say-

Folks are STOKED about Steve’s new Firestorm course (coming Tues, Nov 12). Here’s they’re saying about Steve Stine and his new Firestorm course… 

Barry Maloney · Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Great lesson! Not only the information about variety of strumming patterns but taking the pressure off of always hitting all the strings in a chord, which I have imposed on myself because no one ever made this point to me before. 

Chandler Huffman · Springfield, Illinois 
Amazing! Simple, understandable, instructive, enjoyable. 

Kevin Hill · Sir Robert L Borden 
Steve you made my day, I was stuck in a rut, ocean concept very natural,puts the fun back in to playing, have a great day. 

Jim Sid Macmillan · UPEI 
Right on Steve!! As a guitar teacher myself, I am quite sceptical about many versions of strumming and chords, blah, blah. I listened to this lesson and thought YES that is what I do when I play and don't even think about it but to hear the concept presented as you did was really great stuff. All the best friend!!! 

Jim Newland 
Well I am honored to be one of your old students ! lol !! But I take away alot of info from your video's steve and I really appreciate it because now my strumming has greatly improved to where it does sound musical. thanks again!!

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