Steve Stine Shows You a Simple Tip to Memorize Notes on the Fretboard

Here's an awesome video lesson from the world's #1 guitar player, Steve Stine where he is going to show you some of the key fundamentals of music theory and how it applies to the guitar

Check it out…


In this video you'll learn…

  • How to transpose licks to any key
  • A shortcut to memorizing notes on the 6th string
  • The chromatic scale (critical to understanding notes on the fretboard)
  • Why some notes are are sharp (#) and some are flat (b)
  • Why the same note on the fretboard can have two names (like F# and Gb)
  • Visualizing techniques
  • Why you should always memorize the notes FIRST, then memorize the fret number
  • What “enharmonics” are and why they're crucial the understand the fretboard
  • And lot more

So, go watch this powerful video now