Steve Stine Shows You His #1 Chord Soloing Secret

Do you ever trip over your fingers or get “stuck” in one spot playing your guitar solos?

That happens because you can't move freely across the fretboard.

So, today Steve Stine is going to show you his secret chord chasing technique that will help you move with confidence and play the “right” notes every time:



When you're stuck playing the same boring licks and scales, it's nearly impossible to get better at soloing.

In fact…

…You could fumble around for years and never play musical solos.

Lucky for you, Steve has created a brand new “soloing system” called Guitar Solos Made Easy.

It covers everything you need to know to start playing better solos NOW.

Not in 6-months.

…And the BRAND NEW bonuses he has created for the course fill in all the knowledge and skill gaps that keep you from progressing.

Steve will break down music theory, developing a practice routine, must know soloing tricks and how to master the fretboard using the pentatonic scale.

It's a must-have for any serious guitarists.

Go ahead, watch Steve Stine's #1 chord soloing secret.