Steve Stine Teaches You How to Improvise Guitar Solos

Here is a great guitar lesson from the world's #1 guitar teacher, Steve Stine where he teaches you the first steps in learning how to improvise your own killer guitar solos.

If you ever get “stuck” soloing in one or two positions, then check this out…

Steve is going to show you one simple trick for memorizing the fretboard. So you have the freedom to play solos from any position on the guitar neck.

The secret is learning to what Steve calls “meandering” through your scale shapes.  Having the ability to creatively move between your pentatonic shapes both up and down and across the whole neck will open up new and creative possibilities for you.

Watch this video and let Steve explain it all to you.  Be sure to download the FREE backing track and tab for this lesson as well


Do you ever hear how you want your guitar solo to sound in your head but can't seem to translate that through your fingers?

Don't worry, because it's not your fault…

Truth is, anyone can memorize the fretboard. You've probably just been taking the wrong approach.

That's common.

But the good news is you can change that RIGHT NOW




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