Steve Stine’s Thunder Rock Riffs Now Available

Steve Stine has put together another awesome guitar course.

In Thunder Rock Riffs, we will explore how various genres of guitar riffs are created, how we can layer them in multiple ways, including harmonizing a lead line, and so much more!

This type of guitar program has never been done before.  In Thunder Rock Riffs, Steve walks you through the entire process of creating your own riffs and exposes the secrets of the biggest riffs ever written.

There is no other course out there that reveals what goes in to creating killer guitar riffs in a variety of musical genres such as

  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Punk
  • 80's Metal
  • Ballads
  • Acoustic
  • much more…

Steve provides a combination of recorded video, tab and jam tracks to teach you how to play AND CREATE awesome guitar riffs just like your favorite guitar players.

Be sure to visit the Thunder Rock Riffs page at to learn more and check out the 4 part mini series where Steve teaches you how to develop a killer 70's hard rock riff that includes layering, lead lines and harmonies.  Free tab and jam tracks are available.

This course is being sold in limited quantities and have some awesome bonuses to go with it so be sure to jump on it quick.