Stevie Ray Vaughan Lick

Since its the 30th anniversary of SRV's Texas Flood, I thought it would be fun to learn some licks in the style of the late, great blues master.

I happen to come across a 2 part video that JamPlay instructor Chris Liepe did recently for his weekly Liepe's Licks series.  This is an awesome example of Stevie's style of Texas Blues. Chris demonstrates an intense SRV lick that makes heavy use of bends and other techniques that give Stevie his signature sound. I've had a blast working this one out!

In additon to the 2 part video, There is tab and even a backing track to go with it to really give you that feel like your on stage with the blues master himself!

If you're looking for other awesome guitar lessons, check out the massive library that JamPlay has to offer.  It is one of the original and biggest sites on the net for learning to play the guitar.

Click to download the backing track ===> JamPlay SRV Backing Track

Here is the tab ===> JamPlay SRV Tab

And the video lesson


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