Stuck In A Guitar Playing Rut?

If you're like me, every once in a
while, you might get stuck in a
“guitar-rut.” (When playing guitar is
about as much fun as watching paint dry
or plucking your eyebrows.  OUCH!)

When this happens there's a surefire way
to break free — LEARN SOME NEW LICKS!

There is nothing more energizing than
firing up a jam track and noodling around with

new licks that you just learned.

Its a fantastic way to improve your improvisation

skills and just get lost in your guitar.

Two of my favorite course for not only learning new                                      licks but learning how to apply them are both byeveryone's favorite guitar teacher- Steve Stine.

His 96 Rock Licks and 96 Blues Licks courses are awesome

Head on over to to check out full details,                           free preview lessons and a mini course.