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Start Teaching Guitar

In my article- 10 MORE Steps to Being a Better Guitar Player, one way to improve your guitar playing is by teaching people to play.  If you can teach someone something than you have truly mastered it.

Teaching guitar is not only a way to improve your own playing but a great way to make some extra cash doing something you enjoy- playing your guitar!  I've been running my own private guitar lesson business for years and I can tell you from experience that it's very easy to get started and begin to build your student roster.  One key resource that I used to help me get started and continue to learn about teaching guitar and managing a small business has been the products and podcast from Donnie Schexnayder and his website StartTeachingGuitar.com

Interesting Image He has a FREE ebook titled Start Teaching Guitar the Smart Way that has a lot of good information in it to help you get started in teaching guitar and earning extra $$.  He also puts out a really good weekly podcast on a variety of topics to help you run a succussful business teaching guitar.

Click here for more info ===> Start Teaching Guitar Podcast