The Best Guitar Courses of 2014

As 2014 comes to an end and the holidays are upon us, that means a lot of people will become first time guitar players and many will find a renewed love with the instrument.

Whether you are dusting off the guitar you've had in the back of your closet for years or are unwrapping one from under the tree, you will need quality guitar instruction to make the most of your new guitar.

In 2014 there was A LOT of great guitar courses both online and in DVD form.

We at Six String Madness want to highlight the best of the best to help you make wise choices when looking for good material to help you in your guitar journey.

Check out the list of recommended courses below.  They are broken in to categories to help make it easier for you to find what you are looking for


Beginner Guitar Courses

This time of year brings more beginner guitar players than any other.  Start your guitar playing journey with QUALITY guitar instruction from the biggest names in guitar teaching

Guitar Jamz Beginners DVD Bundle

Marty Schwartz is the biggest name in beginner guitar lessons.  His Beginner Guitar DVD bundle will allow you to be able to pick up a guitar anytime, anywhere and being able to play something on demand.  In a relaxed and easy style once you master the essentials and incorporate them into your favorite songs.  This incredible collection of step-by-step, move-by-move tutorials will show you in painstaking detail how to play the essential progressions that are found in literally thousands of the most popular songs you want to play.

Check it out here ===> Guitar Jamz Beginner Guitar Lesson Bundle

Also be sure to check out the FREE 10 lesson mini course that Marty offers

Click Here ===> Guitar Jamz beginner mini course


Papastache Beginners Acoustic Guitar Lesson Series

Bret Papastache, long time friend of Marty Schwartz and an incredible guitar teacher has a fantastic acoustic guitar series that is an amazing series of step-by-step lessons that take any raw beginner who's never even held a guitar before all the way to playing complete songs easily and way faster than you've ever dreamed.

And then it shows you how to execute all the tricks and techniques to take you into more advanced phases, allowing you to blow away your friends with awesome musicianship.
A bit stripped down then the Guitar Jamz Beginners DVD bundle but Brett is a super fun guy and a great teacher.  Definitely one to check out.

Read more about Brett Papastache's Beginners Breakthrough Acoustic digital download guitar course



6 Minute Guitar


This is one of the coolest courses I have seen.  Learn to play the guitar 6 minutes at a time.  Thats right, only 6 minutes at a time.  No need for LONG practice sessions.  Dan Denley has produced a fantastic course that teaches you the fundamentals of playing the guitar through short lessons that you can learn in 6 minutes.

6 Minute Guitar includes: 20 DVDs + 1 CD with 49 jam tracks + downloadable tab book + Bonuses.

This is the perfect program for the beginner as it is a complete study that will take you from absolute beginner and give you the foundation to take you to the next level of intermediate guitar player.  Which opens a whole new world of guitar.



Some of the topics include-

  • basic chords
  • power chords
  • blues riffs
  • finger exercises
  • soloing with the pentatonic scale
  • strum patterns
  • lead guitar licks and tricks
  • barre chords
  • scales

He even has several FREE lessons from the course you can check out

Learn To Play Your Favorite Songs

One of the oldest and most popular sites on the internet for learning to play the guitar, JamPlay offers an impressive set of lessons including a huge catalog of song lessons.  There are a number of songs that are taught by the original guitar player such as Steve Stevens, Lita Ford and Dave Ellifson.

  • 1000s of online video guitar lessons offered.
  • Very good search function, which means you can easily browse the 1000s of video lessons.
  • Training for every single level, from beginner to super advanced.
  • Affordable fees, helping you save thousands on personal guitar teacher service fees.
  • Celebrity guitar teachers
  • Lessons for every genre- something for everyone
  • Additional guitar learning tools
  • Proven results

For a limited FREE membership click the link ===> FREE JamPlay Membership

Guitar Tricks is another amazing site for learning to play the guitar

  • They have a fantastic step-by-step beginner program called The Core Learning System which includes onscreen notation to help you better learn.
  • There are over 8,000 lessons to choose from
  • They have twice as many songs as the competition (500 songs)  This is definitely THE site to learn songs from.  Learn songs from artists such as the Beatles, Kiss, SRV and Jimi Hendrix
  • Videos have a 3-angle view shot on HD cameras to give you the best view possible.
How about a Free Trial to  Click the banner below


Gibson Learn and Master Guitar- Song Hits

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar series released 2 companion sets to their popular flagship course called- Song Hits and Rock Hits

Song Hits includes 10 DVDs of the songs you know and love. Songs like, “Come Together,” “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” “You Really Got Me,” and dozens of others. In this companion course, Steve Krenz (teacher of Learn and Master Guitar) teaches you songs that correspond in skill level with the Learn & Master Guitar sessions.Click here to get the full list of songs-  Song Hits list





With Rock Hits, this 10-disc set, guitar instructors show you techniques, tips, and tricks from the greatest rock guitar hits using tried and true methods. You’ll learn lead and rhythm guitar parts, as well as unique insights into some of your favorite songs. The package features video instruction, downloadable tab and music notation, downloadable backing tracks to practice over, and an online support community.

Included songs from artists such as:  Alice Cooper, Guns n’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nirvana, Queen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple, Lenny Kravitz, ZZ Top, and more…

Rock Hits Song list


Intermediate Guitar Lessons

If you're looking for great intermediate guitar lessons, then look no further than the awesome catalog of Steve Stine.  On you will see the biggest selling guitar lessons for 2014 on there.

In Ultimate Chops Builder, Steve walks you through various technique building exercises to help you play anything and everything better on the guitar.

In Guitar Soloing Masterclass You’ll learn everything you need to know to become a complete, well-rounded guitarist who can play solos from scratch, sound confident in your lead playing and have the ability  to string together licks and phrases for an awesome sounding improvised jam!

In Thunder Rock Riffs, Steve teaches you the secrets to creating massive guitar riffs across a wide variety of musical styles and genres.

You will learn to create your own guitar riffs in the styles of your favorite songs and genres.  Steve exposes the secrets of what is behind the styles of some of the most iconic guitar riffs and builds them from the ground up.




 Killer Clapton Guitar Licks and Tricks


Marty Schwartz put out a great course that teaches you in depth the style of Eric Clapton.  In this 22-video series, Marty breaks down every essential Clapton technique you'll need to play exactly in his style. More than THREE HOURS of step-by-step tutorials, where you get to see close-up exactly how to duplicate these same sounds, move by move, finger by finger.

If you're an Eric Clapton fan than you wont want to miss this

See “Killer Clapton”: All His Best Licks, Riffs, Tricks and Techniques — All Demystified and Made Simple.

Hendrix Revealed

new course from marty schwartz




Hendrix Revealed is a 26 video digital download where Marty Schwartz teaches you the guitar playing style and techniques of the master- Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix was (and still is) one of the most influential guitar players of all time.  He did things with his guitar that had never been done before and even long after his passing, continues to influence guitar players.

Check it out ===>  Hendrix Revealed Course Info


Blues Guitar Lessons

Brett “Papastache”, Marty Schwartz’s best friend, amazing guitar player and teacher released an awesome course called 100 Blues- Rock Licks.  In Brett’s 5 DVD set- 100 Blues Rock Licks, he shows you 100 killer licks but doesnt stop there like most Licks courses do

  • Learn how to play these licks in the context of a song
  • How to take the same riff idea and play it in multiple spots on the neck
  • spice up common blues licks with different techniques 

Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed has a fantastic catalog of Blues guitar lessons and added some great titles this year
5 Easy Blues Solos contains 5 plug-and-play blues solos in the most common styles and keys of blues jams around the world and in your town. And no solo contains anything faster than an 1/8th note so any intermediate blues player can be jamming along and sounding great almost immediately.
Learn the first solo in 5 Easy Blues Solos for FREE.
Soloing Without Scales- The 4 Note Solo is an awesome course that Griff Hamlin created that throws away conventional teaching of scale patterns and instead over the course of 7 solo examples, teaches you a unique 4 note pattern and how to incorporate it to create killer blues guitar solos.  No more scale drills or memorizing the fretboard.  Learn the 4 note pattern and start creating awesome blues solos




Although not released in 2014, Marty Schwartz's Blues Masterclass still remains hugely popular.  Get every piece of Blues guitar instruction that Marty has ever produced in one AWESOME package!

Marty has combined his popular Blues Domination course with his Acoustic Blues lesson series to create the Guitar Jamz Blues Masterclass.

This is one of the most comprehensive blues guitar lessons available.  Over the span of 15 DVDs (plus 5 bonus ones), you will learn the essential skills needed to play awesome Blues guitar!

Learn More ===> Guitar Jamz Blues Guitar Masterclass