The Blunt Truth About Your Guitar Playing

Here is a great article that Marty Schwartz of Guitar Jamz wrote about how to truly succeed at playing the guitar.  Marty is very honest and a bit blunt.  He gives you the HONEST truth about what you need to do to play the guitar like you have always wanted.  He will also tell you the 2 primary things that will give you that success.

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Okay, so are you ready for a little “truthiness” about your chances of succeeding with guitar?

Here it is . . .

Mastering the guitar does not happen overnight.

The hard truth is that you have to put in some time if you want to master the guitar (or anything else, for that matter.)

This is important because many of us fall back into old (that is to say, BAD) habits pretty quickly despite our best intentions.

Hey, we've all been there.  Including me.

But when it comes to guitar, I can tell you how to NOT let that happen ….

In fact, if you do these two things, I can guarantee you that you will absolutely blow yourself away with how good you'll get.

Do these two things and your guitar dreams will come

1)  Have a structure or plan to follow that excites you.

2)  Follow that plan consistently by putting in the time.


(You were hoping for something more like a magic pill?
Sorry, it doesn't exist.)

If you follow those two steps above, then exactly one year from now you WILL be playing the way you've dreamed about playing.

Look, I have TONS of students who are pinching themselves about how good they've gotten.

Just this morning I got an email from a guy who in just two days went from having never held a guitar to playing six different chords and being able to change between them.

No, he didn't practice for 48 straight hours.  He simply followed a structured plan that was a lot of fun.

It didn't feel like “practice” to him because he said it simply felt like he was PLAYING.

Do yourself and your guitar playing a favor in 2015- find a GOOD local guitar teacher that will help you put together a plan to help you succeed.

As an alternative, check out some of the great courses here on Six String Madness.  All of the products discussed here will give you that structure and motivation that you need to make the progress you want in 2015