The Most Important Blues Rhythm

Here is a cool video from the course- Ripfire.

Instructor Dan Denley demonstrates a twist on the old standard 12-bar blues called the “Quick Turn”.

This example uses a classic blues rhythm in 6/8 time, in the key of B flat minor. (So you could use B flat pentatonic minor to solo).

There are 4 other cool lessons that Dan gives you for free from this awesome DVD set-

  • 1 critical mistake to avoid
  • Turn 5 chords in to 60
  • 5 Must know strumming patterns
  • Chord swap trick
Ripfire is a massive 20 DVD package that covers a huge variety of useful tools and skills for any guitar player at any level of playing for those who are looking to really bump their guitar skills to the next level.
I put together a full review of the course on the sister site to SixStringMadness-TheBestGuitarLessonsOnline.

You will never spend your money more wisely than for this course if you're interested in really learning to play guitar.”

Ripfire Guitar Course