The Real Secret to Mastering the Guitar

 I stopped in to my local music store the other day to purchase an assortment of guitar picks for my private lessons students and was chatting with the clerk when a mother and her son approached the counter. She asked us, “What is the best way for my son to learn guitar without practicing?” We both looked at her with disbelief and almost in unison replied, “PRACTICE.” That’s right- practice. I’m sorry to tell you but there is no magic pill, book, dvd, guitar pick, iphone app, snake oil etc that will make you a better guitar player. It all comes down to putting the guitar in your hands and practicing.

I come across various sites that claim you can master the guitar in 2 weeks or play like Jimi Hendrix if you watch a 5 minute video. Stay away from media like that. Amongst all the super hype be a rockstar now instructional material out there, there are some really good ones.

Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring some of the resources that I used to learn to play guitar. It will be nothing but straight up, no bullshit, honest reviews. I have spent hundreds of dollars on books, dvds, online lesson subscriptions, correspondence courses etc to get to the level I am at now. Some were really good. Some were a joke. Keep an eye out for these posts and at the conclusion of the series, I’ll post a summary page of all the different products that were featured.

Its ok to go out and purchase your favorite tab book or sign up for an online guitar instruction site or buy a dvd to learn your favorite song but just keep in mind that its not the purchase that will make you a better player. You need to sit down and put in the hours of practice to make a difference.