The Scientific Link Between Sex, Drugs and Rock-and-Roll

The #1 mistake guitarists make when learning new songs

And the scientific link between “sex, drugs and rock-and-roll”  


by Prof. Steve Stine, author of

Songfire: The Scientific Approach To Playing Songs By Ear

A recent discovery by Dr. Valorie Salimpoor and her colleagues at the Montreal Neurological Institute sent shockwaves throughout the scientific community around the world.

It’s a fact: Listening to music actually causes our brains to release the neurotransmitter dopamine. The same chemical that’s responsible for the intense pleasure we experience during sex, or riding a roller coaster, gambling or eating a food that’s absolutely delicious. Dopamine controls our brain’s reward and pleasure centers. And it helps regulate muscle movement (extremely important for guitarists) and emotions. But more importantly, this dopamine surge inside the brain is what motivates you to take action to achieve the goal or learning a new song.

 Using brain imaging, Dr. Salimpoor observed that dopamine is produced inside our brain at the exact time we experience intense pleasure while listening to music.

These findings shocked doctors around the world because it showed for the first time that music can affect our brain in ways that were previously thought impossible.

Why This Is Important For Guitar Players

When you want to learn a new song on guitar, do NOT grab the tab first. That’s the old way. This new scientific discovery that links dopamine and music has changed everything. Discover exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) to learn songs on guitar fast in this video.


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There are 4 Key Steps 

One, create a “dopamine rush” inside your brain by first laying down your guitar and just listening to song you want to learn. Don’t even think about trying to play it until the core hooks of the song are deep in your mind, and you really feel that surge of emotion.

Two, apply the memory-strategy of chunking to organize the chords of a song into easy-to-remember groupings.

Three, focus on primary chords used in 95% of songs, and ignore the rest.

Four, apply the principle of prediction to visualize chord-changes before they happen.


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