The Secret Techniques of Joe Satriani Revealed

Imagine yourself performing killer blues licks … the catchy melodies …the fluid legato … the two handed tapping … the modal lines …
of one of the most well known virtuoso guitar players to ever grace the instrument
You'll learn it all in Next Level Guitar's latest digital download series-
David Taub and the Next Level Guitar team are back with another killer digital download series.
This time, the amazing Dave Nasse will teach you the ins and outs of all things that make Joe Satriani one of the most innovative and revolutionary guitar players to ever exist.
You'll learn 
  • How to get that amazing Satriani tone
  • Develop killer legato techniques that Joe uses all throughout his playing
  • Learn tons of licks that Joe uses in his solos
  • One string patterns, sequence licks and position shifting
  • ​Much much more
This is the ONLY course that teaches you the exact style, tone, licks and techniques that will give you the tools to play amazing lead guitar like the incredible Joe Satriani.