The Secret To Effective Practice

Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed recently sent out an article where he discussed how to truly practice effectively and what it means to have direction in your guitar playing.  I thought his advice was so good that I had to share the article with my Six String Madness readers.

The article is fairly long so I have cut out the highlights for you.  If you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your guitar practice, it may be due to how and what you are practicing.  Hopefully this article will help you.

When you think about where you would like to be with your playing in 3, 6, or 12 months down the road, what do you see? 

… if you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? 

When you practice you need to think in cycles of about 10 days (maybe 14 or 21 depending on how much you practice per day) at a time. 

Your brain simply cannot concentrate on the exact same thing for weeks and weeks on end. And I've found that after about 10 days it's time to put some things on the back burner and work on something else for a cycle. 

Does that mean you'll forget what you learned? 

So now that you know more about practicing in cycles, let's talk about where you want to be… 

More than anything you want to have a purpose to what you are doing. 

My dad always said “you always need to have something look forward to.” 

It's a simple premise, but when you think about it what he's really saying is that everything you do needs a purpose. If your reason is strong, success is all but assured. 

So take today and get a clear picture in your mind of where you want to be in 30 days from now… write it down in a calendar or something that you'll see in 30 days. 

And then look at what you're practicing and make sure it lines up with your goals…