The Ultimate Fender Blues Jr Tone Guide

A very popular page here on is the Fender Blues Jr settings.

There were roughly 30 settings that were developed that you gave you a wide range of awesome “presets” for your Blues Jr amp.

Because that page is so popular, the team here at Six String Madness decided to take it up a notch and create a killer ebook called The Ultimate Fender Blues Jr Tone Guide.

Not only do we give you those great tone settings but we also show you how to upgrade your amp to give it it's full sonic potential.  You'll learn what the best upgrades are, what components to use and we even give you the links to where you can get them.

There's more!

We have also included an interactive database of the original tones so you can use those as a base, tweak to your liking and save your settings.  There is also a section where you can create your own.

Visit to get your copy.