Top 10 Posts

In honor of the 1 year anniversary of SixStringMadness, I thought it would be fun to put together a post of the 10 most popular posts here.

  Disclosure: We are sometimes awarded commissions on the sales of products and services featured on this site. We test each product thoroughly and recommend only what we believe to be the very best.

In no particular order, the most viewed posts on SixStringMadness are-

  1. James Hetfield rhythm lesson–  this is a great lesson from where they show you how to play in the style of the mighty Hetfield.  Be sure to check out the free 14 trial that GuitarTricks is offering to get more lessons like this.
  2. Master the Pentatonic Scale– Bob Murnahan over at Lead Guitar Tactics has put together an incredible 35 page e-book that introduces you to the pentatonic scale and gets you started playing licks from the scale right away.  Best of all, the book is FREE!  If you dig his free e-book, check out the popular Pentatonic Power course that he offers.
  3. Practice Tips from Slash–  To promote Slash’s new album Apocalyptic Love, there was a 6 part mini documentary done, highlighting the recording of the album.  Slash discusses how diligent he is about practicing guitar.
  4. Free Blues Guitar eBook–  David Taub and the folks at NextLevelGuitar are offering a great ebook on playing blues guitar.  Be sure to check out the free trial that David offers for full access to NextLevelGuitar
  5. 20 Must Know Rock Licks– This is a mini lesson from the hugely popular 96 Rock Licks Course.  Get video and tab for 20 of the 96 rock licks as taught by Steve Stine.
  6. The Key to Guitar Playing Success–  In 1997 Gary McPherson conducted a study to find out why some advance rapidly through music lessons and others become discouraged and quit.
  7. Guitar Tips from Marty Schwartz– Marty Schwartz of GuitarJamz and Youtube guitar instructor extraordinaire just put out a list of excellent tips on guitar equipment.
  8. Learn to Play Seven Nation Army–  The intro/verse is an easy and catchy riff to play.
  9. Free Resources for Learning to Play Guitar– I put together a page of all the great free resources that I have listed on SixStringMadness that you can take advantage of to help you in your guitar journey
  10. Essential Guitar Gear-  This is a great post for the beginner who needs some help in deciding what pieces of gear they need and suggestions of specific brands and models to get.