Top 5 Tools Every Guitar Player Needs

Tool #1: Songsterr

My favorite tool at the moment (and it has been for a while now),
is a website called Songsterr

If you’re a tech-savvy guitar player, you’ve probably heard of
Guitar Pro.

It’s a desktop application that improves on standard guitar tabs,
turning them into midi-playing note sheets which show the exact
duration of each note as well as its position on the fretboard.

If you want to learn how to play a song exactly to the last note,
there’s no better way to do it.

Well Songsterr is the online equivalent, or you could say
competitor of Guitar Pro.

The thing I love about Songsterr is that they have both a FREE and
paid option; unlike Guitar Pro which will set you back $59.95.

Trust me when I say you’ll love it as much as I do.

Songsterr - Guitar Tabs With Rhythm

Tool #2: Guitar Tuner

I cannot stress this enough… Every guitarist must have a guitar
tuner in their toolkit, especially when starting out.

Unless you’re a gifted musician who can already play other
instruments such as the piano for example, you must have a guitar
tuner. No ifs, buts or maybes.

The great news is… Is that you do not need to fork out much of your
hard earned cash to get a tuner these days.

A tuner I highly recommend getting is the
Snark Clip-On Chromatic Guitar Tuner Black

Very inexpensive and works for both Acoustic & Electric guitars.

Another option is… if you have an iphone, ipad, tablet, or other
smart phone thingy, you can download a free guitar tuning app.



A couple that I really like are-

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar tuner app. The Learn and Master Guitar DVD series is one of the best methods out there for learning guitar and they have created a free app for your smart phone that includes a tuner, metronome and some other cool features. Click the banner to check it out.

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar App
Marty Schwartz of has a cool tuner app as well. In addition to the tuner, the app comes with 5 free guitar lesson videos and a guitar chord ebook.

Click below







Tool #3: Metronome

Our next tool that every guitarist must have in their toolkit,
is a metronome.

A metronome is a device that produces regular, metrical ticks
(beats, clicks) – settable in beats per minute.

The metronome is used by musicians to help keep a steady tempo as
they play, or to work on issues of irregular timing, or to help
internalize a clear sense of timing and tempo.

A big challenge many guitarists face when starting out , is being
able to change from one chord to the next chord in a song fast
enough to avoid creating a hole, or awkward pause in the song.

An exercise I recommend trying is picking a song you want to learn,
and doing one downstrum per chord change., one of the biggest online resources for learning guitar has an online metronome available.  Click here to check it out- JamPlay Metronome.








Tool #4: Chord Library

A chord library is a collection of guitar chords that are available
at your finger tips.

When learning a new song, if you see a chord you haven’t played
before, or can’t remember how to fret, turn to your trusty chord
companion to show you the way.

Now a big mistake I see people making, is thinking that they need
to learn every chord in the library.

Don’t do this because firstly you’ll get overwhelmed, plus most of
the chords you’ll learn you’ll never use again.

It’s like writing down every word in the dictionary… Boring!

The resource I usually turn to is Chord Library

Our final tool every guitarist must have in their guitar playing
toolkit is… (drum roll please)…

Tool #5: Backing Tracks

A backing track is an audio recording that musicians play or
sing along to in order to add parts to their music which
would be impractical to perform live.

I get my backing tracks from the various memberships to guitar lesson websites that I am a member of such as

Can you find free ones online?  Sure but you get what you pay for.  Check out one of those 3 resources to see what they have to offer.

Backing tracks are crucial to your playing.  They help you develop timing, rhythm and puts you in the band which makes practicing on your own a lot more fun!