Turn 5 Chords In To 60

The CAGED system is one of the most important skills you can ever know as a guitarist. It expands your ability to play across the entire fretboard. It helps you learn songs quicker because you recognize the chords. It give you alternate ways of playing the same chords.


This video from the best selling course from GuitarZoom.com- Ripfire Guitar will help you get the fundamentals of how it works.

You'll discover:

– The 5 most critical open-position chords and how they relate to the CAGED system

– Why every major chord can be played in five different ways

– How to transpose chords up the fretboard

Check it out!

turn 5 chords in to 60


And if you want to get a COMPLETE understanding in detail from the internet's biggest guitar teacher- Steve Stine, then be sure to check out his CAGED Made Simple course

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