Using Music Theory to Write Music

Here is a great video from the upcoming course Music Theory Made Easy from the good folks at and taught by Steve Stine who is also the instructor for the hugely successful courses 96 Rock Licks and SoloFire.  Check out my reviews of 96 Rock Licks and SoloFire.

In this preview video, Steve discusses how to use all of the music theory knowledge you have gained from the course and write music with it.  There is also free downloadable tab that goes with the video.

Get the tab here- Using Theory to Write Music tab.

Steve's Music Theory Made Easy course will be released Tues, Oct 9 at 9:00AM
Eastern. There's a massive introductory discount and 3 fast-mover bonuses for the first few people. So, try to get there early:

Music Theory Made Easy <== Coming Tues, Oct 9