Why Guitar Players Stop Making Progress

A common and disturbing pattern among guitar players that have been playing for several years exists where they make little to no practice.  In some cases their playing was actually deteriorating.

It has nothing to do with their past teachers, how much time they practiced each day, and the methods they were taught, etc.

The biggest thing they had in common was that not one of them ever spent any time or effort on music theory.

Here are two reasons why some guitar teachers won't teach you music theory:

Reason No. 1: They fear that if they try and teach you this, you'll go running and screaming into the night. (Which only proves they don't know how to teach it the right way.)

Reason No. 2: They don't fully understand it themselves. (Which is a shame because it's such a powerful tool.)

Discover how easy music theory is when you make it FUN


Look, playing guitar and becoming a musician is WAY more than just knowing where to put your fingers.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough early in my guitar career to have had tutors who understood this.

They showed me how the power of music theory applied with practice could dramatically increase my guitar playing skills.

Listen, if I know anything about guitar, it's this: natural “talent” is overrated and knowledge is power.

And the best shortcut I know to get that power is to learn music theory.

You don't need to learn every last thing about music theory — only the essentials that you'll really use.

No kidding:  When you learn just a few of the fundamentals of music theory, the fretboard opens up to you like one of those enchanting musical boxes where beautiful music just comes pouring out, seemingly by magic.

Seriously, forget everything you may have heard about music theory. This is way cooler — and infinitely easier and more fun — than you think.

Up until recently you had to either take a college course in music theory or purchase confusing books that had WAY too much detail and didnt always apply to the guitar.

If your guitar growth has been stagnant or if you really want to UNDERSTAND what it is you are doing on the guitar, check out these great courses on music theory-

The first is from Marty Schwartz called Music Theory Survival Guide.  If you have any experience with Marty and Guitar Jamz, you know that he has an awesome way of teaching even the most complicated topics to guitar students in a very easy and digestible way.

Check it out-  Guitar Jamz Music Theory Survival Guide

Steve Stine has a great music theory course called Music Theory Made Easy

People groan when they hear music theory but Steve takes a practical and fun approach to help you understand the fundamentals of music theory and how you can apply it specifically to the guitar.  He will teach you how all of the notes, scales and chord progressions fit together.

Both are fantastic courses, from 2 of the biggest guitar teachers out there.  These courses are specific to the guitar and use PRACTICAL and APPLICABLE examples so you can relate them to your guitar.

If you are not making the progress you want on the guitar then maybe some music theory will give you a shot in the arm.