Why Screw Ups Make The Best Guitar Players

There’s something that I’ve noticed about GREAT guitar players. Most of them are what I call, “high functioning screw-ups.” And these screw-ups always end up being the best guitar players. Here’s what I’m talking about…


Listen, you MUST stop demanding perfection from yourself! Let me repeat that just in case you dozed off… STOP expecting “perfection” from yourself. It’s not going to happen. And you kill your ability to make progress fast when you get stuck in the “I-got-to-make-this-perfect” trap.


Whatever you’re going to do, just DO IT. And stop trying to make it perfect. For example, say you want to learn a song. Just learn it as fast as you can and then MOVE ON… don’t sit around and try to get every chord, every strum, every lick “perfect.”


Why? Because you’re listening to a RECORDING. And in the studio, a pro guitarist can play a solo 183 times if he needs to. Or, he can play just 3-bars that are really hard… until he gets it, “just right.” But when you’re playing in your bedroom, you’re don’t have to be perfect, because you're not playing-for-pay, you’re playing for fun!


Plus, it’s a lot more FUN to spend your time improvising and learning new songs and solos, than it is to get stuck in perfection-mode. Now, there’s a time to buckle-down and work hard to get a solo near-perfect. But, if you give it an honest-effort, and something’s still not quite right, then you may be dealing with a technique problem. (And not even know it.)

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article courtesy of Dan Denley and Guitar Zoom