Why You’re Still a Beginner

Some guitarists are “beginners” and always will be even if they've been playing for 20 years. And that's sad. How does this happen? Simple. Because we're BUSY.
There are bills to pay. Jobs to do. Deadlines to meet. A boss breathing down
our neck. Errands to run. Grass to cut. And the car seems to always need an oil change or new tires.
And by the end of the day, we're so burned out that we can barely muster up enough strength to grab our guitar and strum a few chords. Much less, to get serious and learn something new and exciting. So, after 10 minutes of “noodling” around you think to yourself, “Dang, I'm tired.” And the guitar goes back on the stand or in the case. And it just sits there. Waiting for tomorrow.
And one day you wake up and realize that YEARS have gone by. And you still play at the same level you did after you had your guitar for six months!
I've seen this happen to so many guitarists over the years. So, if this describes you,don't worry! As long as you've got a pulse, there's still time to really learn to play.
And know this… it's NOT your fault. The truth is we have to prioritize our time. And let's face it, learning some new skills so you can really cut loose and jam on your guitar is pretty low on the “to-do” list. But,here are 4 tips to help you learn more, with less time:
Four Tips That Guarantee You Always Make Progress Every Time You Play Your Guitar
Tip #1: Realize that you're always going to be busy. There's never going to be a time when you say, “Yeah! I've got nothing to do today.I think I'll just play guitar for four hours.”Unless you're retired, that day ain't
coming any time soon. So, know that if you're going to make any real progress, you got to MAKE time to play. It doesn't happen automatically.
Tip #2: Get specific. You're far better off to say,”Tuesdays from 7-9PM and
Saturday from10-11AM I'm going to play guitar” vs. “I'll try to play guitar this week.”
Tip #3: Always learn something new every time you play your guitar. A new chord. A strumming pattern. A new lick. Whatever.It doesn't really matter. Just make sure you don't put your guitar down until you can play something new.
Tip #4: Eliminate distractions. Block out your practice time on your schedule and
let it be YOUR time. Shut down your computer.Silence your phone. Don't check
I'd suggest to print out this email and highlight those four tips, (or just jot them
down) and put them in a place near your guitar. And read them every time your

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