Win A Free Guitar And A Copy Of Steve Stine’s New Course FireStorm Guitar

Next week Steve Stine is releasing his brand new course-

FireStorm Guitar- Rhythm and Strumming Blueprint

This course is a step-by-step blueprint for learning songs 200% faster. This is some of the most practical, instantly-useful training I’ve seen in a long time. It’s something that will save you hours-and-hours of practice time, headaches and frustration. And its taught by one of the biggest names in guitar education.\

As always, Steve and the good folks at GuitarZoom have released some free preview videos for you to check out the course.

The first video- Ocean Effect is a whopping 27 minute long lesson from Steve where he covers

  • The Essential 10 chords every guitarist must know
  • Pattern vs. Organic strumming
  • The 2 most common strumming patterns found in 80-90% of all songs
  • Why you must learn to “hear and replicate”
  • Why it’s critical to find the beat of a song using string-scratching first
  • A rookie mistake to avoid when starting your strum
  • The crucial strumming technique needed to find your “groove”
  • Strumming from the wrist vs. elbow
  • The “Ocean Effect” — why it’s the fastest way to make your playing sound musical
Whether you plan to buy the course or not, this video will teach you a TON!
Click below to watch the video
Steve Stine and GuitarZoom are also giving away copies of FireStorm Guitar AND a free guitar.
To qualify just 1) watch all three preview videos the course and 2) post your comment about how you believe Firestorm Guitar can improve your playing. So, go watch the first video and be sure to post your comment!
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