Write Rock Guitar Riffs- Layering Techniques

In Steve Stine's 2nd excerpt from his new Thunder Rock Riffs course, he shows you some awesome layering techniques to make the riff that you learned from video 1 sound HUGE

The video comes with a free jam track and guitar tab.  Download them here-

Thunder Rock Riffs Layering Downloads

Playing your own song is completely different to playing someone else's songs….Something just feels RIGHT when you're cranking out a wicked riff of your own work.

If you think you'll enjoy composing and playing your own guitar riffs then Thunder Rock Riffs is for you

The goal here is to learn how “doubling” a part can really bring out the power by “thickening” the sound. Also, the element of a palm muting guitar part can really drive the groove.

In Thunder Rock Riffs, we will explore these songwriting elements and so many more, and incorporate them into various styles and genres…

…So don't worry! You can apply these elements to rock, blues, metal, funk, pop, and even acoustic!