You, Your Guitar and Some Patriotism

For those of you that live in America, Happy 4th of July!  To those currently serving and to those that have served in the past, we certainly thank you and appreciate your service.

Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed just put out an awesome lesson on how to play the Star Spangled Banner.

He walks you through a great basic version that you can have down in less than 1/2 an hour and then goes on to show you how to Hendrixfy (is that a word?) it.

We all know that Jimi is famous for his amazing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner that he played at Woodstock.

Check out the lesson below have some fun with it and get a chance to crank up a little and let your inner Hendrix out 🙂

Steve Stine covers the secrets to creating your own killer version of the Star Spangled banner as well in his Learn to Phrase in 14 Days course.  It's a great lesson and if you're struggling to really get your solos to sound good then Learn to Phrase in 14 Days is the course for you.

Steve Stine's Learn to Phrase in 14 Days

And if you love Hendrix and want to learn the tips, tricks and secrets to capturing the playing style of Jimi, then you'll definitely want to check out Brett Papastache's Hendrix Masterclass.

If you click the link below, you can get Brett's best selling 100 Blues Rock Licks course for FREE when you purchase Hendrix Masterclass

Learn to play like Jimi Hendrix