Your Guitar Practice Problems SOLVED!


Everyone's schedule is different. We all have different demands, work days, obligations, the list goes on. It might be quite tricky to find meaningful, regular practice time with goals being the major focus. Even if you have hour upon hour per day, it is easy for an entire day to turn in to a noodle-fest.

As part of their summer kick off, put together an awesome and completely FREE resource to help you organize and develop an effective guitar practice routine.

This template guide is not meant to design any one program for you, but rather to show you how to design your own programs, set your own goals, and evaluate your progress.

This way of disciplined, goal-oriented practicing is more efficient and beneficial than any other method by far.

The great part about this way of thinking and planning is that it works at any level of guitar playing. Get ready to think critically and honestly about your own playing.


You know your own playing. You know what you need to work on, you know what your strengths are, and you probably have a pretty good idea of where you want to go long term.
When you design your own plans, you are not just inventing something out of thin air. You are pooling all of the resources you have available to you as a practicing guitarist, and organizing them in a way that helps you stay on task for a very specific time frame.

This practice routine spans 18 pages of information, as well as the template to develop your routine. Feel free to download it now and begin making your sessions more effecient, effective, and beneficial towards your development as a guitarist!